What Makes a Good Blog Post?

Sometimes, writing a blog post can feel like a challenge when you sit down to write, but the words won’t come, and then it becomes frustrating when you think the content isn’t interesting enough for your audience. At times, following some structure and going by the essentials of a good blog post would help you out.

Depending on your approach, focus, and personality of the blog, there are some essentials of a great blog post that you can follow. Some of the features of a good blog post are:

Attractive headline

A good headline should be attractive and grab the attention of the target audience. It should aim to give the readers an indication of what your blog post is about. Your readers should feel tempted to check out the whole blog post.

In some cases, adding some emotional words like ‘last chance’, ‘unique’, ‘challenge’ and ‘secrets’ to the headline will provide the necessary magnetism that you may need. Try spicing up the headline with some catchy keywords that would grab the attention of the readers.

Captivating lead paragraph

The first impression is important. When it comes to reading blogs online, the overall attention span of the readers tends to be quite short. Therefore, you have a short duration of time to make the first best impressions. You can consider starting off the paragraph of the blog post with an intuitive question that aims to solve the problems of the readers.

Relevant supporting points

Each idea or topic that you’re talking about should be supported by credible sources. This enhances the overall credibility of the blog post, and the readers feel interested in reading more of the blogs. Before you start writing, think about what you want to convey in the post and how you are going to back it. Then, you can begin writing the main body of the blog post by dividing the blog into multiple sections.

Compelling call-to-action

Once you have hooked the readers with an attention-grabbing headline and engaging content, the next job is to ask your readers to take action. It could be achieved with the help of compelling call-to-actions (CTAs) spread across the blog post. Just try not to be over promotional about your products or services. The CTA of your blog post could be an invitation to leave a comment, answer a question, or share the post.


Ultimately, it’s the ideas you are trying to convey in the post that makes it a good post. The structure only helps your audience to see your ideas more clearly. If you’re looking for a content writer for your next blog post, or simply want to learn more about us, drop us an email at info@contextual.asia.

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