Bored of your blog titles? Here are the words you should start using

Running out of catchy words for your next blog title can be a disaster. This can compromise the engagement between you and your readers since your readers tend to decide if your blog is worth reading or not based on the titles.

It is proven though that you must put up a catchy blog title for people to be interested in it. In times that you are experiencing writer’s block, you can use these words on your blog title.

‘Hack’ and ‘Secrets to’

Any of these two can put a lot of creativity in your titles. As a result, your blogs will capture more audiences that are essential in meeting your goals. You can observe higher traffic after several blogs using these catchy words. These words make your readers think they will learn something new from your post.

‘What No One Tells You About’

Just hearing these words themselves give you the notion that there is a secret you have to know. This is how powerful this line is. So in the next blog post that you will be writing, consider having this line in your title.

‘X Signs You Might Be’

When you put these words in your title, you spark curiosity on your readers. This is because most of the topics this type of title covers is all about us humans as it is about the readers.

The ‘you’ becomes the identifier that allows the reader to conclude that they know what it is all about, which results in audience engagement.


These striking yet straightforward words in the title can be the secret ingredient of getting traffic. It’s short but very effective in disseminating the message. With this, you are promising that your blog post will be straightforward and factual. Having said so, those are the qualities that readers are looking for. This is perfect as video blogging is getting popular, which reduces the audience that prefers reading significantly.


This might sound unorthodox to the way you write your titles, but it is proven effective. People will consider reading your blog post because you are offering 100% accurate information. True or not, you can still use this magic word but as much as possible put content that is valuable. In this manner, you will not hurt the reputation of your whole blog.


There are times when we run out of ideas, most especially when writing blog titles. By using the words we list here, then putting them in your next blog titles, then you are on the right track. Just keep in mind that you should never take away creativity in blogging. Most especially when creating titles, you just need to have some patience.

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